Basic arithmetic/calculus.
In the series: Note 20.

Subject: Geometry

Date : 15 November, 2019
Version: 0.0
By: Albert van der Sel
Doc. Number: Note 20.
For who: for beginners.
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Status: Just starting.

This note is especially for beginners.

Maybe you need to pick up "some" basic "mathematics" rather quickly.
So really..., my emphasis is on "rather quickly".

So, I am not sure of it, but I hope that this note can be of use.
Ofcourse, I hope you like my "style" and try the note anyway.

This note: Note 20: The facinating world of Geometry.

Each note in this series, is build "on top" of the preceding ones.
Please be sure that you are on a "level" at least equivalent to the contents up to, and including, note 19.

I think I will organize this, in two parts. Part 1 is relatively "basic", and Part 2 is somewhat
more advanced (like some topics in the last year of highschool math).
So, this will be an "unusually" large note (well, for what I usually produce in this series).

Part 1: Basic geometry.

Roughly speaking, important subjects in Geometry, are for example the properties of the many types
of objects (like a triangle, diamond, circle etc..), and the relations between the angles and boundaries
(like the "sides") of such "objects".
Ofcourse, there is much more :Geometry also "borders" a bit to subjects from Calculus, like
for example the equations of lines, or for example distances from lines to other objects,
and for example surface and volume calculations etc..

We will see that sort of stuff..., and more.

1.0 Some important Elementary objects in Geometry.

Let's start with a few elementary objects. Please see the figure below: