Basic arithmetic/calculus.
In the series: Note 21.

Subject: Sequences and Series

Date : 5 Februari, 2020
Version: 0.0
By: Albert van der Sel
Doc. Number: Note 21.
For who: for beginners.
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Status: Just starting

This note is especially for beginners.

Maybe you need to pick up "some" basic "mathematics" rather quickly.
So really..., my emphasis is on "rather quickly".

So, I am not sure of it, but I hope that this note can be of use.
Ofcourse, I hope you like my "style" and try the note anyway.

This note: Note 21: Sequences and Series.

Each note in this series, is build "on top" of the preceding ones.
Please be sure that you are on a "level" at least equivalent to the contents up to, and including, note 20.