Basic arithmetic/calculus.
In the series: Note 22.

Subject: Further topics in Statistics (continuation of Note 15).

Date : 30 June, 2020
Version: 0.0
By: Albert van der Sel
Doc. Number: Note 22.
For who: for beginners.
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Status: Just starting.

This note is especially for beginners.

Maybe you need to pick up "some" basic "mathematics" rather quickly.
So really..., my emphasis is on "rather quickly".

So, I am not sure of it, but I hope that this note can be of use.
Ofcourse, I hope you like my "style" and try the note anyway.

This note: Note 22: Some more advanced topics from Statistics.

Note 15 was about elementary Statistics. This note (note 22), is a continuation of the topic,
and will discuss some more additional theories and topics from statistics.

It is advised that you already have studied note 15, before you go on with this one.
Or, ofcourse, that you are at least at the "level" as was presented in note 15.