A few notes on Home selfdefence for Women.

By: Albert van der Sel
Version: 0.7
Date: 10 December, 2019
Subject: Armed self defence for women (some tips). Home defence only.
Status: Ready. Hopefully, it's any good.

A small number of women, live under a serious threat, by an extremely aggressive male individual.
This can reach such level, of which one can speak of a deadly threat, which make
life unbearable, and also may result in severe physical harm, or even worse.

This note is explicitly for women who live under such severe threats.

It's my personal opinion that authorities do not respond in a correct way.
It's also my personal opinion, that in many cases, Police fail to offer
sufficient protection to these women.

Therefore, at places where gun laws are very tight, a provision is needed to grant
such women permission to posess and carry firearms, to protect themselves.

If authorities fail to implement this, they are also responsible for any harm done
to these women. Also, one can say that authorities, just left those women in the dark.
I personally, go as far as to type that as betrayal.

If firearms are not available:

Below are some tools listed, for "home self defense". Although all of them are
inferior to firearms, at least it's something to implement "some level" of self defence.
That was my motivation to write this note.

I am not sure if this note is useful at all. You may find it rubbish.

If you do have a legal firearm for protection, then this note is indeed useless.

(all tips below, are certainly inferior to firearms).

I intended all of the described weapons below, to be "Home defense weapons" only.

The text below, describes the following Alternative Weapons:

1. Light, extremely sharp, agile sword.
2. High energy PCP Airguns.
3. Airbow: the High energy PCP gun using Arrows
4. Full-auto, high-capacity, airsoft machineguns.
5. Pneumatic spearguns.
6. >500mW Laserpens (after reconsideration: it will not be discussed).
7. Specialized Home defence firing devices.
8. My Recommendations.
9. Possibly a Cool Idea.
10. Some further remarks.

For all items, a proper introduction is needed, in order to
handle it correctly.

Sorry for this lengthy introduction.

One thing is for sure: The woman must win, and the idiot must lose.

The best options probably are: Option 1 and Option 2, or, Option 1 and Option 3.
The other options are somewhat less effective, but still can be used in case you like
them better, or for some other reason.

Further explanation: Next follows a rather lengthy text, explaning my opinion,
and describes all the options in considerable detail.

It's very good we have the Police force around. Sure. But for some strange reason,
in general, the Police seems to be useless when it is about violence to individual women.

I must haste to say, that generally, the "Strong Arm Of The Law" does a fine job.

But at the same time, they often fail to protect women in emergency situations.
It's really strange.

Part of the problem: police is understaffed, at least in my country. Secondly, criminals
crossed a line again, by shooting laywers (in my country), and thus much resources of the police went
to such cases etc.. etc.. Also, don't forget the terrorist nutcases. All in all: it's bad.
The lack of resources certainly hold for my country (The Netherlands / Holland).

But it's not only lack of resources. It must be more, like disbelief, or "the guy did not do
anything yet..." or "no proof yet" or "calm down, it will not be that bad..."
In these sort of circumstances, the reaction of men, to women, simply is not good enough.

Some fail to see that we have "terrorism" here. It's not terrorism against the Nation,
but to one person in particular. You see what I mean here: in some cases, a woman lives
under a deadly, or very serious, threat by some male idiot.

This sort of cases really exists. Anywhere in the World. In your country too.

You may accuse me for writing a silly note. I accuse the whole society, for not
taken women seriously, who are under deadly threat by some male aggressor.

What about this silly note? This note is not about unarmed self defence techniques.
Sure, It helps enormously if your condition is good. And even better, if you are smart, or
maybe I should say "cunning", and you can identify risky situations before anything bad happens.

The content will be about defending yourself, with alternative weapons.
That is, alternatives for firearms. And those alternatives exist !

Ofcourse: best is having firearms. But practically, at most places, they are illegal,
unless you have a permit of some kind.
Sure, I agree to strickt laws. But not for women under extremely serious threats.

My opinion:

So, if a woman is under serious, deadly threat, in regions with strickt legislation, a clause
in the law should be in place, that grants permission for having gun(s), for that woman, for self defence.
Then, with a 2 hour instruction (if needed) by a female officer, adequate protection is in place. No need for silly notes.
Why not having this sort of clauses?
If authorities fail to do so, they are also responsible for any harm done on this woman.

Ofcourse, I cannot, and do not want, to promote to shoot, or seriously wound someone.
Therefore, it must be understood that this text is absolutely, and only,
for women who live under a deadly threat, by some Male Idiot.

Should someone take this text seriously? I think that nobody will.
I am not even sure, if it can be taken seriously. It could be a stupid note, and me myself does not see that.

Some other preliminary remarks:

-First, nobody will read this anyway. So, it does not matter, really.

-Secondly: when men go to battle for some reason, it's awful ofcourse.
But it gets infinitely more worse, when a guy, who is "off track", harms a woman.
That's unacceptable.

-Third: It's a bit silly to write about such subject, which I intend to do so in this note.
However, suppose it helps someone, out there?

-Fourth: What can you expect from Albert anyway?

Set of Warnings:

⇒ All tips you find below, go with a severe warning.
If there are kids around, be Extra Super Extremely careful.
They will play with anything found, with dramatic results.

⇒ Usually, in "peacetime" the following rules apply for anything which can shoot:

-keep it unloaded (this rule you must breach, when you are in danger)
-When you handle the gun (or device, like speargun) always keep the barrel pointed downwards
-finger not on the trigger
-safety on

⇒ For anything with power, that shoots:

Go for the legs, that will disengage your attacker. That's good enough.
Please be so kind to call in the medics, directly afterwards.


There is no substitute for firearms. However, in many regions/countries they are difficult
to obtain, and legislation is very tight.

Even a light caliber like .22 is very effective to stop the guy that wants to attack you.
Without exception, I always mean shooting in the legs, and never for the kill.

Below, a number of "options" for defence are listed. They all are inferior to firearms.
But, those options are not too bad (too weak), and it's better than "nothing".
When used in the correct way, with the right state of mind, I think you can come a long way.

However, I will skip firearms completely.

If you have one or more, legally, you are in a good position to defend yourself.

Make sure you get professional training in shooting, maintenance, rapid fire,
quick draw (in a safe way), methods to conceal the gun etc... The whole lot actually.

I will never say that you should kill an atacker. One or two shots in the legs,
will completely disengage (knock out) any attacker. Thats good enough.
Hence the proper training, to be able to "knock out", and not to "kill".
Once the idiot is knocked out, please be so kind to call in the medics.

If you do not have one legally, I do not recomment to get an illegal one.
Why not? It depends a bit. There are many reasons to be careful.

First, it's impossible for me to recommend to get an illegal one.
Police and Justice department, would not agree with my statements. Ofcourse, nobody reads this.
But there are many other reasons:

For example, in Europe, some "gangs" rebuild all sorts of alarm revolvers and pistols,
and those things "look" real, but are very questionable in reliable operation to say the least.
Maybe they can shoot soft lead projectiles, but I doubt metal jacket real ammo.
When such gun is badly designed, it might seriously wound you, or even kill you.

Besides that, you do not want to fund criminals.

Also, a genuine gun might be too old, or even "dirty" (already used in some nasty job).
If you are an expert, you can see for yourself if a gun is mechanically OK, but you cannot see it's history.
And if you cannot judge if a gun is mechanically OK, then absolutely leave it.

In some regions ofcourse, it's not too hard to aquire a mechanically fit gun.
If so, It's your choice. But I do not advice to do so.
If you do, then also get the proper training, to be able to "knock out", but not "kill".

But, I will skip firearms completely.

Now that we know that firearms are not a part of this note, I thus simply have to present
a number of cunning, worthy, alternatives.
And indeed, the alternative exists, like PCP multishot airguns, pneumatic spearguns,
extremely sharpend japanese swords, > 500 mW laserpens, full-auto airsoft weapons, and other options.

So, there you have it. I will say something on those alternatives, and how to make them effective.
You can absolutely make an impact with these sort of weapons.

Needless to say, that it all is a bit silly. But who cares? If a woman is with her back
against the wall, she needs ways to protect herself. That goes above anything.

However, if a woman would read this, and don't like it, and tells me I better go writing fairy tailes instead
(because this is a ridiculous note), then it would "a bit" painful indeed.
Then, well, maybe I deserved that hard lesson.... :-(

Next, I will discuss some options which might work.

In any case, the "tools" I describe below are not illegal in most countries.
However, they are all inferior to firearms. But, in many countries, firearms
are illegal, and thus cannot be a realistic option. But I still believe that the authorities
should provide for legal firearms for women who live under extreme threats.
That's my opinion and I will stick to it.

Hopefully, you may find some option "workable" for you.
Best is to take option 1 and combine it with another option like option 4 (or another option).

1. Light, extremely sharp, agile sword.
2. High energy PCP Airguns.
3. Airbow: the High energy PCP gun using Arrows
4. Full-auto, high-capacity, airsoft machineguns.
5. Pneumatic spearguns.
6. >500mW Laserpens (after reconsideration: it will not be discussed).
7. Specialized Home defence firing devices.
8. My Recommendations.
9. Possibly a Cool Idea.
10. Some further remarks.

Option 1. Light, extremely sharp, agile sword:

This is applicable for home defence, and not so much for on the street or public places.

My advice is: medium lenght. lightweight (not heavy european), and extremely sharp.
You need to be able to perform very rapid movements, and precise hits.
With a very heavy, long sword, that's very difficult. Don't go for these.

A sword similar to a short Japanese "katana", would be good.
More or less the length of your arm (thereabouts) would be fine.

It's very powerful. Mandatory is that it is extremely sharp. No-one can grab it, without
loosing his fingers, which may come as a surprise to the attacker.

Light, and medium lenght, enables quick, and flexible movements.

I do not recommend other sorts of other swords. Some are too heavy, or too long,
and you lose agility with those.

If it's all new, maybe some professional training/assistance is available in your neighborhood.
If not, you can train yourself. Do not start with the weapon itself, but use any stick or pipe
of about the same length and weight, and practice "showing off", practice fast forward
punches. See if arms and legs are practical targets. Again, aim for "knock out of business",
and not for "the kill".
I am sorry, but you need a bit of excercise with this weapon, to be effective.

- Most important is the state of mind. If you are under attack, you may defend yourself,
and nobody may come close..
- If possible, e.g. in home, get a position where you can initiate a surprise attack.
- At home, have it available (within reach) in some way.

I am convinced that you will appreciate such weapon, in just a matter of days.

In Europe, very high quality swords are about, or over, 700 euro's/dollars.
Good quality swords may go for about 250 euro's/dollars. That's good enough.

On a scale of 1-10, I would type it as a "8".

Please remember that it's really important, to have a very, very "sharp" katana like sword. That's the key.

Option 2. PCP Airguns:

This section will describe one of the best options.

There exists quite of few of types of airguns:

-Traditional break barrel guns, using a spring.
-As above, but using a gaspiston instead of a "spring".
-CO2 airguns
-Pump airguns (pneumatic pump action).
-PCP airguns. (Precharged Pneumatic Air Rifles)

Those types come in rifle- and pistol format.

This listing is not complete. There are several types not listed here, like "ethergun",
which never gained large scale popularity.

(Note: for me, the "traditional spring based break barrel rifle, is the "one" to go for.
But not for you!
Yes, it's rather useless for defence. But it's fun. The effort to cock te barrel is fun, loading the pellet,
taking position etc.. is fun, but time consuming as well. But that's the sport.
For women, and defence, it's not the airgun to go for.

By the way, I do not hunt. I don't like it. And airguns, as I see it, are not for hunting purposes.
That's my opinion anyway).

Well here is my advice. Go for a PCP (compressed air) airgun.

-Typically, it has a cilinder with 200 - 250 bar highly compressed air, for driving the pellets.
-Typically, it has a magazin of 5, or 6, or 8, or 10 (and somtimes more) for holding pellets.
-Often, a bolt mechanism is used to load the next pellet. So, it's a multishot gun.
-Most of them, deliver above 40 Joule energy at the pellet. 60, 70 is no exception at all.
-Some of them, have a gauge which let you simply read the remaining pressure.
-Usually, you can have over 30 shots, before the pressure get's too low.
-The drawback is: to load compressed air, you can use a handpump (not practical), or a compressor. You need a compressor.

Ofcourse, once the gun is pressurized, the gun can be decoupled from the compressor. It's good to go.

They can be in common calibers like 4.5mm (.177), 5.5mm (.22), 6.35mm (.25), 7.62mm (.30), or higher.
Larger calibers are available too, like .357, .45 and larger.

There is a whole science about how to achieve the optimum of pellet velocity, and weight of pellet (and more variables).

The 60 or higher Joule PCP guns are not far from .22 short (not .22 Long Rifle) firearms.
That's increadable indeed.

But just standard ammo, and .22 or .25, is great, and make sure that the Energy is certainly well above 40 Joules.
Most PCP easily go over 40 Joules (60, 70, 80 or higher, is no exception).

Since it's a multishot gun, with a magazin (easy and quick loading the next pellet) makes it suitable
for defence purposes. With the bolt action, folks call it often "semi-auto".

I would not recommend a pistol, but go for a rifle. Most PCP rifles are rather short anyway,
except for the very large calibers.
The socalled "Bullpup" format, is quite good. I say this, to ensure a firm, balanced grip.

Best google for PCP airguns, or visit the sites of a few gunshops, or go actually to the shop itself.
It's important to get an idea of there appearance, and performance, and specs like size, weight, capacity etc..

In many countries, they are free as of 18+ years of age.
They usually start in price as of 600 euro's/dollars or so. Those are the cheapest ones.
Ofcourse, more expensive models exist too.

Buy a new one, including the compressor. It can be quite some money, unfortunately.
If possible, get instructions from a Pro, on how to operate the gun. It's absolutely not difficult.

In a few (exceptional) cases, it may occur with second-hand, one might encounter a "leaking" PCP gun.
That would be quite a disapointment ofcourse. So, go to a shop with a good reputation, and buy new.
It's a lot of money. Maybe a second hand, inspected by a Pro, might work as well.

I consider a PCP airgun, as an acceptable device for selfdefence at Home.
For the devices over 60 Joule, it's not far from a ".22 short" firearm (not .22 long rifle).

PCP guns which look very impressive, are for example the .357, or .50 Sam Yang / Air Venturi guns.
They look like large shotguns, are very powerful, and the looks of it, is very very grim.
In most countries they are legal weapons. Make no mistake: they will stop an attacker.
The .357, .44 or .50 (or similar high calibers), are not far from .22 Long Rifle firearms
with respect to Energy.

You migt say that I am misusing a "sport weapon" for self defence weapon. It's true.
But then don't forget the intention of this note. I already admitted that the whole text is "silly" anyway.
But my objective is not (so I believe).

On a scale of 1-10, I would type it as a "8".

Together with the sword in option 1, you can have a pretty good Home defence.

Most important is the state of mind. If you are under attack, you may defend yourself,
and nobody may come close..

Note: I think new models will come, from China, Korea and others, with extremely high Energy,
for example delivering close to 2000 Joules per projectile.
That's unheard of, and will put PCP in a completely other perspective. I wonder how gun control agencies
will react to such monster airguns. Such monsters make my break barrel piston airguns, even look
less than a waterpistol toy gun for 6 year old kids.

Option 3. The Airbow: PCP gun using arrows:

This one is quite awesome, but rather deadly too. It's very dangerous,
using it without experiece and proper instructions.

Basically, it's a large caliber PCP gun, but the projectiles are large arrows.
It's like a PCP gun, with a sort of Harpoon function.

No question here: these are deadly devices.
There is not much difference between this weapon, and a single shot firearm.

Since long, some folks were able to fabricate such devices by their crafmanship.

Since not too long ago, professional manufacturers picked this up, and build
the professional devices.

At this time, they are rather expensive. The energy involved can be enormous.
Some hunters go for big game, for over a distance of 100 yards (100 m).

That illustrates the power of these weapons.

And they are very accurate too. Reloading can be done very quickly.

If in deadly threat, you can use it. As always, I advice to shoot in the legs
of the attacker, and not on the body: that would probably terminate the attacker,
while a shot in the legs, will 100% knock out the attacker.
It's absolutely required to call the medics, directly afterwards.

In most countries, they are free, as of 18+ of age.

You may google on the terms Airbow PCP and the like.

On a scale of 1-10, I would type it as a "8".

Together with the sword in option 1, you can have a pretty good Home defence.

However, I still advise a regular PCP gun using bullets, like .025 caliber, or 0.30, since they
are almost always multishot guns (like semi-auto with bolt action).
The Bullpup's are not heavy, and not too long, preserving your agility, while still having
rather powerful shots.

Next are some tools, which I still find rather good,
but are perhaps less effective compared to the tools described above.

Option 4. Full-auto airsoft guns:

Most Pro's involved in guns and airguns, say that "airsoft" and other CO2 based airguns,
are no good for defense purposes. I agree to that. You may immediately go to option's 2/3,
which decribes PCP guns. Those are much better.

However, for airsoft or CO2 guns, there is one type of exception, I think:
the fully automatic "machine guns", with high capacity magazins.

You might want to explore this option further.

In general, airsoft guns deliver too low energy, to be taken seriously.

It's a special class of "airguns", often powered by pressurized capsules containing CO2.
And in a few cases, they use electromagnetism, which is almost with no power.
For airsoft, CO2 as the powersource, is a good option.

In general, they fire 4.5mm or 6mm BB's (small round balls), with a typical energy of around 3 Joules.
Some also allow 4.5mm diabolo like pellets. In some cases,the balls are larger than 6mm, like cal .68 etc..
It's very important to know that I am NOT talking abouttrue "airguns". Airsoft is a special catagory,
with the exact looks of real existing firearms.

They are mainly ment for folks who want to play military games in the field, and therefore
require realistic, but relatively harmless weapons.

2, 3, 4, 5 Joules, is bit of low energy. For comparison: a very powerful (traditional break barrel) airgun rifle,
may go over 30 Joules of energy. PCP airguns usually go even higher, like 60 or 70 Joules is quite common.

The most distinguised feature of airsoft, is that look exactly like "real" firearms.
So, you may have pistols, revolvers, and all sorts of machine guns, which "look" like the real ones.

Companies like "Umarex", are licensed to produce these guns.
So, you may see Colt's, Glock's, MP40, Heckler&Koch, and a enormous variety of other replica guns.

They are too low in Energy (Joules) or velocity of the pellet (in feet per second, or meter per second),
to be of interest for self defence.

However: there are exceptions!

-Some of these devices can fire in "full-auto" which means that in a few seconds, you can fire more
than (usually) 30-50 BB's away, in full automatic fire (machine gun like).

-Another class of guns, are the ones described in section 7.

But first, let's take a look at the full auto airsoft guns.

You may google for airsoft machine guns, which can operate in full-auto mode.
Usually, you need to mount 1 or 2, 12grams CO2 capsules into the gun, or larger 80 grams CO2 capsule,
and load a magazine with 30 or more, maybe up to 50 BB's.
It's important to follow the operating instructions. For example, if it says "steel BB's",
then only use steel BB's, otherwise jams may result (due to magnetic components in the weapon).

What you then have, is a rather effective weapon to stop an atacker. While one BB is not much,
when 30 "bee stings" hit the atacker's head, then you have really "impact", and serious damage.
After "use", you might be so kind to call in the medics.
It's very dramatic ofcourse. You must use it only in such way, when you are in grave danger.

Again, if you blow 30 BB's into the legs, that would be much better.
Please be so kind to call in the medics, afterwards.

In most countries they are free, as of 18+ years of age.
Again, they look like real pistols, revolvers, rifles, or machine guns. Obviously, you need
the machine gun sort. There also exist pistols in full-auto. There is for example, the Mauser C96
airsoft replica, which can shoot in semi-, but full automatic mode as well.

My advice: Stricktly for Home "use" only. Outside your property, they are illegal, and dangerous for yourself!
Namely, a Police officer cannot see the difference between airsoft and real firearms.
You may find yourself at "gunpoint". Take that seriously.

Most weaponshops have them. You may even try it at a firing range.
Sorry, I cannot place pictures here, due to possible copy rights. But if you simply "google",
or go to a website of a gunshop, you see plenty of examples.

On a scale of 1-10, I would type it as a "7".

Together with option 1 (described above), you get pretty strong defence.

Most important is the state of mind. If you are under attack, you may defend yourself,
and nobody may come close..

Remember that I was talking of a fully automatic airsoft "machineguns", with a high capacity magazin.

Option 5. Pneumatic (gas-operated) spearguns:

Warning: You need a professional introduction to the weapon, otherwise
it's very dangerous for you and everybody else in your vincinity.
You need at least a few hours Professional instructions on how to correctly handle the device.

Without knowledge, the device is rather useless, and in that case,
it's best to discard it completely.

I would not have placed it in my note, due to some important disadvantages, but as you can see, I did.

One problem, with most Pneumatic (gas-operated) spearguns, is the silly weak plastic safety switch.
On many brands of them, this safety switch is a piece of sh*t.
Especially on this device, a good safety switch, is indispensible.

Ofcourse, all spearguns are meant for use for submerged conditions.

Most popular, are the spearguns with a rubber.

Pneumatic (gas-operated) spearguns is just a cilinder with air under high pressure.
It's completely sealed, and a nifty mechanism makes it possible to load a harpoon, from the front,
into a barrel, This increases the pressure even more. If you fire, the internal mechanics pushes the harpoon out,
with a high velocity. You will not loose pressure in the gun, so it can immediately be reloaded.
It's like having an "air piston" instead of a mechanical spring.

They are very powerful, can be used on land as well. They are surprisingly light in weight.
They come in sizes from 30 cm (or so), to well over 1 meter.
I advice: about 60 cm (or so), in order to have sufficient agility in movements.

The impulse, or Energy of this harpoon, is very high.

There can be no question: these are deadly devices.

Main objections:

-relatively difficult to load a harpoon. You need quite a bit of force.
-often no good safety switch.
-extremely dangerous, when loaded, and found by others (like friends, or like kids).
-a very overpressurized gun, is dangerous.
-they are not accurate. More that 8 meters / 8 yards is already a challenge.

For the latter: It's not that the harpoon looses power that much, but it is simply difficult to aim,
and intrinsically, it's not a very ac bncurate weapon. Secondly, the harpoon itself has no stabilizing fins,
which contribute to it's decreasing efficiency at longer ranges.

But < 5m, it's highly effective. Ofcourse, again, I advice to aim at the legs.
That will completely "knock out" your attacker.
Please be so kind to alarm the medics, directly afterwards.

But as said before, you need a professional introduction to the weapon, otherwise
it's very dangerous for you and everybody else in your vincinity.
This introduction does not need to be long: just a few hours, will cover how you should operate it,
and topics like loading/unloading should be covered too, as well as how to maintain the internal pressure.

If you combine it with the sword mentioned in (1), I think you have pretty good defences.
I agree: "silly talk" ofcourse, but remember the "real topic/intention" of this note.

Some bad advice with respect to Pneumatic spearguns you might encounter:

In some occasions, I have seen comments where people say how they have ductaped
two spearguns together. Indeed, once both are loaded, you have two shots.
Never do such thing. It makes it a very clumsy device, heavily restricting your
degrees of freedom. In my opinion: it's a strange move, and please do not do such thing.

On a scale of 1-10, I would type it as a "7".

Most important is the state of mind. If you are under attack, you may defend yourself,
and nobody may come close..

Option 6. > 500mW Laser:

This section will not be continued by me.
After reconsideration:
No use for going into >500mW lasers, for personal defence. Sorry.
I now realize, that socially, >5mW lasers are not acceptable.
But all other options listed in this note are quite acceptable. No worries.

Option 7. Specialized Home defence firing devices:

I think that "Option 1" (katana sword), together with "Option 4" (multishot PCP gun),
gives you a rather decent Home defense. Maybe even the best combo (from legal options).

This then would be my recommendation.

Ofcourse, a large array of other sorts of tools are possible, but some are not good for Home defence.

-For example, a professional flare gun is quite impractical for home use.
-It even would not be too difficult to construct a DIY flamethrower, but that's really impractical at home.

And ofcourse I did not even mentioned arrow based weapons like a crossbow.
But, the AirBow (PCP gun using arrows), is better than any bow or crossbow,
in terms of ease of aiming and handling, compared to the "traditional" bows.

Still there a couple of other legal guns which I think can deliver a good punch.
Some folks puts them in the "airsoft" category. In an earlier section I said
that airsoft delivers too little energy. Indeed most of them do.

However, the "fully automatic" ones with a large capacity magazin, are quite impressive. Remember, that was one
of my recommendations in Option 2.

The three options below, are ones that many would thus put in the airsoft category.
I think it's actually not really airsoft, because it delivers too much energy. But who cares?

The first two guns below, provides for quite a bit of energy for the projectile.
In the order of around 16 Joules for the International, souped-up, version.
Howver, they are non lethal, and will not result in permanent damage.
This is because they use .68 caliber BB's, which are quite large, and give a large punch,
and it will knock-out, but without real harm done. This might be viewed as quite an advantage.
For comparison: a high-power PCP will do permanent damage.

Instead of airsoft, some folks also type it as "Specialized Home defence firing devices".

So, here are 2 usable guns from Umarex. The international versions produces 16 Joules per pellet,
or actually I must say per caliber .68 ball (for which many types exist: steel, rubber etc..).

The third one, is a handgun, a revolver actually, using .50 pellets in a 6 shot magazin.
It's about 11 Joules, but gives an enormous punch (non permanent damage).

1. The Umarex HDS 68, 68 caliber twobarrel shotgun.

It looks like a 2 barrel shotgun, with the barrel and stock sawed off.
Indeed, it looks like a real gangster gun.

It uses CO2 cartridges, and you can shoot two times quickly after another.
The "break barrel" makes it easy to do a quick reload of both barrels.

The weapon is not big, and is rather light too. Another advantage is it's
impressive looks: the two .68 barrels are rather impressive.
It's very easy to handle this gun.

In Europe the price is around 180 euro's, which is not really expensive.

2. The Umarex T4E SG68, 68 caliber shotgun.

It looks like a modern shotgun, and has a capacity for 15 balls.
It's semi-auto, and also has plenty ammo "on board".

In Europe the price is around 480 euro's, which is quite expensive.

Not long ago, in Belgium, I performed a small test with the Umarex HDS 68 (the two barrel gun).
It was not the International version, so power was somewhat tempered. A bit nonsense ofcourse,
to reduce power, but that's how things go sometimes.
Still, I was impressed, and strongly believe it knocks down a guy (but no permanent damage).
Also: reloading is fast.

In my view a good option. You might want a closer look, so just Google on it.
And, it's certainly not expensive.

3. The Cal.50 Revolver CO2 Walther T4E HDR.

The Umarex (Walther) .50 CO2 revolver, is quite new. The rotative magazine has a 6 shots capacity.
There are various forms of ammonition, and ofcourse you can mix the magazin with various pellets.
Although more handguns are available from Umarex (often under various brand names, like Walther),
this gun is very impressive to "look at", and impressive in performance: you have 6 relatively fast,
and powerful shots, as fast as you can pull the trigger.
It delivers a good punch, but will not create permanent damage.

It looks like an option, not only Home Defense, but for outdoors too. Well, I will not advise
to take it outdoors.
For outdoors: a Police Officer cannot tell quickly, if it's a firearm, or .50 cal CO2 gun.
Lot's of serious problems may arise !

The price should be somewhere around 120 euro's (or dollars).

Most important is the state of mind. If you are under attack, you may defend yourself,
and nobody may come close..

8. My Recommendations:

I think the best combinations are (best to least best):

1. Option 1 (sword) + Option 2 (PCP airgun, multishot).
3. Option 1 (sword) + Option 3 (PCP Airbow, using arrows).
2. Option 1 (sword) + Option 4 (Full-auto, high-capacity, airsoft machine gun).
5. Option 1 (sword) + Option 7 (Specialized home defense guns, like the .50 revolver).
4. Option 1 (sword) + Option 5 (Pneumatic speargun).

For all these options, you need proper instructions.
Always take two options, that is, Option 1 and another Option.

9. Cool idea, because there is a serious defect in my text:

The more I am busy with this note, the less silly it appears to me.

But there exists at least one enormous black hole in this text.

I automatically asumed, that if a woman is under serious threat, that she is able
to act. Well, fortunately, a lot will act (e.g. shots in the leg of the attacker).

But I am afraid, that some might simply "freeze", and are NOT able to take defensive measures.

How can we help here?

Maybe the following idea can work. It cannot be new. I think it has been come up millions of times
by many. But I hope it can be substantiated.

Suppose every "region" (like a large city) have their:

Women Revenge Task Force.

That is, 5 to 15 tough women, which are trained and ready to take up arms, and have the right mindset..

If they come to know of a terrible threat to a woman, and the victim explains the situation,
they might see sufficient ground, and decide to act.

They pickup their gear (knives, swords, firearms, or PCP guns, or anything else they are comfortable with),
and pay Mr. Dick a visit.

Why not?
That would be cool !!!

(Goodbye..., Mr. Dick).

10. Some furher remarks:

-About section 9, above:

I showed section 9 to someone. Her reaction was: "Yes, it proves you are an idiot."

Although I still think it's a good idea, lots of people probably would think it's stupid.
Maybe even 99.999% of folks would say it's stupid. So, it's probably indeed rubbish.
Sorry for that. I leave the section in place, since I wrote it anyway. But it's no good.
Well, nobody reads this note anyway...

-What about outdoors?:

This note is about self defence at Home. But what about outdoors?
I fail to come with a good solution.

All options listed above, might work for Home defence, but are useless outdoors.
Now what? I don't know. There are suggestions like a knife, alarm revolver, mace etc..
But those appear a bit weak to me.

A firearm, in the form of a small handgun? Yes, if it's legal for you to have it.
If illegal, I would not recomment it. You can get serious problems.

So, all in all, I have no good solution for outdoors.

Never take one of the guns, as described above, outside, into public area's,
except ofcourse designated shooting ranges.

There is a real problem if you take anything outdoors, that looks like a gun.

This is serious:
The problem is that a police officer cannot tell the difference between "real",
and airsoft guns. So, if they spot something of a "gun", very serious trouble may arise.
Ofcourse, the types like PCP airguns, are indeed dangerous to the Public.
Needless to say that the Police and Justice Department, does not like the have those
on the street. So, please never do that.

I intended all of the described weapons, to be "Home defense weapons" only.

Lastly: I hope that this note was of any use...