A few remarkable events or observations, Part II.

Date : 29 July, 2022
Version: 0.0
By: Albert van der Sel
Status: Just Starting.
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Ofcourse, nobody will read this anyway. But if, by any chance, someone accidently would "land" on this site:
Below you may find a number of subjects which I truly find remarkable, and interesting.

In a similar way, I hope to produce a number of such notes.

Chapter 1. A pseudo equation to relate Objective- and Local reality.

1.1 Overview Local- vs Objective reality.

Tons of articles have been published, on the "misty" subject of "Reality".

Or..., is it not "misty" at all...? And is it just me, who thinks it's all a bit foggy?
Well, you do not have to hesitate to call me a silly guy... Really !

It's indeed quite established that our brain, "filters" and "massage" information, originating
from "outside" us. Whatever way you turn it, there seems to be a "local realism" which applies
to you (and me, and everybody else). So, it's your personal local reality.

Apart from the (personal) "local reality", there exists consensus about the existence of "objective reality",
which is independent from you. Indeed, the Earth, the Sun, the Universe...., it simply exists...
So, when I am gone, the Earth, the Solar system, and all that, remain to exist (obviously).

So, you might agree, or you might not agree, that we have (at least) two types of realities:
(personal) "local reality" and (independent) "objective reality".

However, the upper statements cannot be fully correct. For example, in Quantum physics, we have in certain
microscopic observations, that the Quantum system (under investigation), and the Observer, cannot be
viewed as fully seperated. Yes...., ofcourse the Interpretation of the measurement and the outcome
is critical too.
There thus remain difficulties in insisting that a true Objective reality (totally disconnected from you),
exists, that is, a "true" statement at all times.

What are some key elements in the "massage" and filtering?
Well, at least the following seems to play a role:

-Biological inheritence.
-Education (e.g. kids grow up in some environment, which "forms" them).
-Education (studies etc..).
-Luck (e.g. if you are unlucky, unfortunate, you might go off track).
-Sensory filtering (e.g. not all what the senses observe, will be passed through).
-Filtering/massage a brain performs at default.
-Intrinsic (per person) filtering/massage (very specific, for specific individuals).
-physical limitations.
-State of mind (at some moment), and emotions.
and tons of other elements...

Psychology (sociology) studies an enormous amount of facinating subjects. For example, what do you think of "perception"?

1.2 An Emulated, or virtual Universe (Reality), is likely not to be "true".

Some folks advocate, that we exist in an emulated Universe, and you are an emulation too.
As if a super computer is running, which have this all in memory (or in something else).
This would place "reality" in quite some other context.

Indeed. This would turn everything upside down.

Why is this not likely?

1. It's not mandatory to assume that "hyper being(s)" have set up this emulation, but generally
it is assumed to be the case. But then..., at a higher level "ultra hyper beings" might have
set up an emulation where the (lower) "hyper being" are in, that is, emulated.
It's quite evident that this would quickly lead to causality conflicts.
If "hyper being(s)" can setup an emulation, then why not have "ultra hyper beings"?
That would be a massive emulation, within a massive emulation. Would it break down?

2. In a Universe (emulated Universe?), where "true" stochastic events occur, it is not likely
that it can be succesfully emulated. This would be different (but still unlikely), if all
events were deterministic.
Yeah... but why? Again, if causality still must hold, then stochastic events would quickly
desync the emulation. Ofcourse, you might find the reasoning nonsense.

Note: "true" stochastic is meant to be fundamentally different from a computing random generator,
since the latter is just an algolrithm.

- It's not too hard to find many other pro- and contra arguments.

- One pro argument could be that "reasoning is like a form of computing..." or an argument like
"Our reality is really quite similar to the worst B movie....".

- Another often heard pro argument is, that the Universe is a big Quantum Computer, since Quantum effects
are everywhere and it could be indeed so that (e.g. all fermions) form an insanely large "Computation".
I don't buy it..., but who knows....?

Indeed, I have an objection. The point namely is, that "c" is the max speed at which information can travel.
The Universe is "rather large", so "far out" regions can (probably) considered to be causaly "disconnected".
This would especially hold, if the Universe undergoes an accelerated expansion (as many astronomers currently believe),
so that waves would (over large distances) so much stretched, that information cannot reach other far out regions anymore.
That would be a weak point for the idea of the Universe as a Quantum Computer.

1.3 A pseudo equation.

Let's try a simple pseudo expression, to relate (personal) "local reality" and (independent) "objective reality":

|φ (local reality) > = |θ(filtering, massage, state, limitations senses etc..)>   *   |Ω (objective reality)>

Due to the effect of filtering, massage, biological inheritence, limitations of the senses etc.. on Objective Reality,
we end up with Local Reality, which is what someone "perceives" as the World (or what is true).

It must be written in terms of factors, since θ should be in the form of an "operator" (see below).

It is ofcourse so, that |θ(filtering, massage, state, limitations senses etc..)> will never be "1", otherwise
we would have

|φ (local reality) = |Ω (objective reality)>

thus local reality equals objective reality, which is (most certainly) impossible.

The expression above, suggest a function. Ofcourse, better seems to be a vectorial or tensor relation,
since the human factors which lead to a personal local reality, are many, such as
mental state, biological inherentance, limitation of the sensory inputs, experiences of the past, massage of information
by the brain, filtering information etc.. etc..
Also, the objective reality where the person is in, can only be described by a larger n-tuple, or n,m tuple,
which then leads to a matrix relation.
Thus, a more appropriate relation seems to be:

φ (local reality) = θ(filtering, massage, state, limitations senses etc..)   *   Ω (objective reality)

where φ, θ, Ω are matrices.

Note that θ "looks" (or works) like an operator, projecting objective reality to a personal local reality.

The proposition of these expressions should be "reasonable", since operators are used almost everywhere in Physics
and other sciences, whenever "transformations" are used.

Ofcourse, these are all pseudo expressions.

As a very simple example from math, illustrating a projection, might be this: suppose you have a vector (1,2,3) in 3D Space,
represented by a coordinate system. Usually, this means we have representation of an arrow, from (0,0,0) to (1,2,3).
An arbitrary point (vector) in 3D space, can then be written as (x,y,z), where x, y, z can all have certain values.
You can write down an "operator" which projects the vector (x,y,z) to the vector (x,y,0), which then becomes
the projected vector in the XY subplane.

It seems reasonable to think that the human mind works in a similar way. Only the features of Reality which
"fits" the scope of a biological entity, with all filtering/massage/etc.. in place, leads to a Reduction (or projection).

1.4 Tunnelvision.

If I would ask you: "Hi, How do you like society?" And suppose you answered: "Fantastic ! It's great !!!".
Then I would seriously doubt your mental health. However, who is to say, you are right or wrong?

Since everybody has some differences in education, experience, mental state, inheritence etc.., we all have
different perceptions on matters.
Well, a lot of "diversity" can only be good...

However, could it be in such a way, that we all suffer, more or less, from "tunnelvision"?
I am not sure... But it looks that way.

Chapter 2. The strange Orange Sphere.