A few remarkable events or observations, Part III.

Date : 30 Januari, 2024
Version: 0.5
By: Albert van der Sel
Status: Just Starting.
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Chapter 1. The Satanic Field.
Chapter 2. Intro Entanglement.
Chapter 3. Most Interresting stars within 300ly.

Chapter 1. The Satanic Field.

Ofcourse, nobody will read this note anyway. But if, by any chance, someone accidently would "land" on this site, then:
I am sorry. The subject of this chapter is a bit bizarre, I believe, and possibly somewhat unexpected.
I don't think it's a "nice" story..... Maybe the last lines are positive.

1.1 What is it?:

I will present some arguments (just a few!), why such field exists. This ofcourse, is my own set of personal observations,
and my findings of "pattern recognition".
I like to stress on the fact, that this all is my personal opinion.

The "field" is quite similar to known physical fields (like magnetic field, gravitational field etc..), but critical
differences exists: first, it's not observable, and secondly, I believe it's able to steer human psyche and events.

The idea is certainly not scientific. If one were to conceptualize a "Satanic field" scientifically, it might require defining its properties,
how it interacts with matter or energy, and what observable effects it produces.
Without empirical evidence or a framework rooted in scientific observation, the idea remains within the realm of hypothesis
or imaginative speculation, rather than established scientific theory.

If my idea would be any good, then It seems that the Earth is embedded or submerged, in a sort of Satanic "field",
which is everywhere, and which "steers" matters in such a way, that only Evil is promoted in the broadest sense possible.
Unfortunately, this Satanic "field" affects everyone, thus meaning ALL of us.
However, a mirad of factors would determine the susceptibility of a person (education, neurological factors, social factors etc...).

You might say that for many evil events, there exists sociological- and psychological arguments, which might
account (or explain) such events.
These sciences are correct ofcourse, However, I have my reasons to believe that "hidden parameters" are directly linked
to the "steering" of this hypothetical field, and (possibly over a long time) are the more fundamental cause
of the event. Indeed, it means that the steering might be extremely subtle, and it's effect might take a long to time
before it results in observable events.
This is the reason why I use the term "Satanic". However, it is Satanic, exactly as in Religion.

In the alinea above, you can already see the main theme of this story: a steering effect on human behaviour.

I am afraid, that I again have to say, that this all is my "personal" point of view, and there is absolutely nothing
scientific about it, and nothing can be proven.

A few points are noteworthy to mention. They may sound absurd, and in a sense, they are indeed:
  • The term "field" might be somewhat unhappy. However, it resembles the known fields of physics, in the sense
    that it is everywhere. Ofcourse, it's properties, and how it interacts with matter or energy, cannot be specified at this point.
  • The more complex a brain/mind is, the more the field will try to introduce it's flaws and hidden parameters, to achive
    it's objective to increase Evil. I hereby argue, that the field has a certain intelligence, that "knows" how to target
    it's vinctims, and has it's way to implement hidden parameters/routines in the brain/mind of victims.
  • Well protected people (kids too), in the sense of care and proper education, are much less susceptible
    to the field than unprotected people. I believe that the power of love and care, strongly can counteract the interaction.
    of the Satanic field.
  • The field can compress/condense, locally, into any form it wants.
  • The steering on people and conditions, can be fast, or slow and extremely subtle.
  • The brain/mind/psyche of a human, provide "hooks" for the field to "attach".
    Sometimes, due to various reasons (e.g. depression), the human mind might be susceptible for an attach
    whereby the "thing", works out effective ways to inject hidden parameters in the psyche.

It's quite easy to find arguments against the Theory. I immediately admit, that the "theory" is mainly constructed
by deduction and personal arguments. See section 1.4 for counter arguments.

1.2 About "pattern recognition":

Just a few examples:

Although it does not prove anything at all, I still like to list a few examples:

What would I have recognized then? Well, that's just a small part of the underlying foundation.
In short, I did a small survey of Presidents, Prime Ministers etc..., nowadays and in the past, in effect anyone in charge of
a significant amount of people, and tried to figure out there motives and desires over time.
The outcome of my survey is quite bad.
One can indeed see a sort of pattern where a significant amount of leaders are rather ordinary at first, and quite suddenly become warlike,
and/or true monsters, for no apparent valid reason. You may have doubts here, which is justified, since I do not pretend to have done
an in depth research.
But if you want, just check the current Presidents around the world, and see what you find....

Unfortunately, Evil is increasing since the '60's, '70's of the former century.

1.3 The theory:

No doubt in my mind, that this is a weird note. Next I will present my theory about the "Satanic Field".
No soul will read this anyway, and for the first time, I feel that this fact is not bad at all.
I fully understand, if you don't buy it, and completely reject it.
The term "theory" is ofcourse a bit too strong. It's more like an "idea"....

Indication 1:

You might consider the following:
Since civilization started, the World went downhill. Sounds strange maybe?
Do not forget that when a new human is born (at present times), after conciousness have set it, he/she
is bombarded with balony, like he/she must have ambition, work for herself, get a high salary, get the best of all,
only you are important etc.. etc..
One side effect is: never mind the others...
Ofcourse, you still have people who really care about others and the state of this World.
But generally, our whole society is totally sick.
To me it seems, that after a child is born, and slowly drifts away from the protection of the Mother,
then the field tries to find hooks, to make him/her a slave in this society, and chaos starts, and for many, the ill path
will be followed.
Furthermore, you probably agree that the World is not a fine place, considering the wars, genocides, tortures etc...,
except for some happy 10% or so, living in elite places.

You see, the structure of the society, since long is "just" a good tool for the Satanic field (or Satan).
I go one step further: the structure of society (along history, became/is) is part of Satan.

No proof is possible, but hereby is an important collary:

Collary 1:

The structure/organization of society, is part of Satan.

I understand, if you don't buy it, and completely reject it.
You might also say: "That's no indication at all !!! It's just how society works."

As another indication: Why, or how, was the main motivation to arrive to this "theory"? (well, not really a theory ofcourse).

Indication 2:

Everybody wonders about the Universe. How did it start? (if there was a start). A big bang? Or is the Inflationary model correct?
Also, a physicist/cosmologist as Penrose has interesting idea's about the evolution of the Universe.

It also seems that the JWST has some interesting findings, which presently are under study.... It may have quite some impact
on tradidional idea's.

Although science is indeed "the only way to go" here, it still does not correspond to another perspective, namely from
concepts of Good and Bad. That has nothing to do with Beta sciences ofcourse. However, they exists, although even only
in the Human mind. That makes them no less important then some great scientific discovery.
Do not forget: Good and Bad are related to some deep inner feelings (for many of us), and therefore are rational enough.

So, does the Universe serves any point, or is it "just" physics?

The question does not appear to have an unique answer. It is as if it's in a superposition of |Yes> and |No>, at the same time.
From such a perspective, it looks a bit like quantum physics, where the observer might find a |Yes> or |No>, when
pondering about the question, like as if he/she is performing a measurement.
This is not how it is, as I believe. It serves as an example when believing starts to play a role.
Now, that's a key phrase in the theory, that believing plays a central role.

Does the Universe serves any point, or is it "just" completely void in meaning?

I fully understand that the next alinea is simply very slippery. Many folks would not give 2 cents for my opinion below.

The Unverse is expanding, possibly even at an accelerated rate (Dark Energy)? But how? Is space "added"?
Is it being "streched"? Either way, is that not a bit weird?
These lines of thought are indeed somewhat strange, and will not be satisfying.

Contrary, from AdS/de Sitter models, it might be inferred that the "metric" changes very slightly with distance.
I do not suggest here that those models are true cadidates for Cosmological models, but some parts/ideas from them,
might be useful for better candidates.

Metric is a fancy word for "length/distance". If the "local metric" changes very slightly compared with two locations, which are
a considerable way seperated (say e.g 5x109 ly), then the change would be considerable.
It is the local lenghts wich we are talking about. Say you would use the Pythagorean theorem, and find "x" locally,
then at 5x109, it would be a different value. This could not be true in a flat 3D space,
and indeed, most models use an N dimensional Space where N might be N-1 spatial plus 1 time dimension.
In such setting, the expansion would be an illusion. Say that, e.g. a metric increases. Then from a large distance,
redshift would increase considerably, while increasing, as the distance would increase.
Also, one could never reach any edge, since an increasing metric would make that impossible.

Now, what has this all to do with the "evil field"?
Around 1997, Maldacena proposed the AdS/CFT correspondence. Contributions before and after, were also done by e.g. ít Hooft, Susskind,
and quite a few other physicists.
Key point: A certain d-volume of space can be described by the lowerdimensional boundary of the region.
This argument, in a much more elaborate form, contributes to understanding Quantum- and Gravity theories.
Somewhat later, Shinsei Ryu and Tadashi Takayanagi made certain keypoints more explicit by relating the entanglement entropy
between any two subsystems A and B of a CFT to a domain in the AdS bulk.
In other words: entanglement entropy determines SpaceTime in the bulk.
From Entanglement entropy, it is a natural step to Quantum information.

Important: In the next part, I hope that you will not acuse me for misusing a scientific theory. For my defense, I would say that
this happened all the time. Example given, for the Big Bang, some folks argued that this is the good work of The Lord.
The same was true for the Steady State theory etc.. etc..

Back to the Quantum information, or information. It's flawed. Originally, it was intended for a slightly
different purpose (so I believe). The flaw created the Universe as we can observe today.
Obviously, I see "the original purpose" as the work of The Lord. The flaw has many forms, for example, the "Satanic Field".

In section 1.1 I said: the Earth is embedded or submerged, in a sort of Satanic "field", which is everywhere,
and which "steers" matters in such a way, that only Evil is promoted in the broadest sense possible.>br>
Once we understand that "information" determines SpaceTime, and actually everything "in it", I think that flawed information,
can be held responsible for the "Field".

I have a question for you. How clean or good are you?

1.4 Hooking the victims:

Sciences that are also involved in behaviour, are at least psychology, sociology, partly neurology, and partly biology.
Maybe anthrology as well?

For evil events, executed by humans, there exists sociological- and psychological arguments, which might
account (or explain) such events.

Not only for humans. For example, even with the great apes, sometimes unexpected evil events happens.

If we stay for a moment in the animal kingdom, then one might say that when brains are more complex, then the "chance"
on evil events are somewhat higher. I know it's a weird statement, and will certainly not be approved by many folks.
Many explanations for such behaviour exists: domination, territory, reproduction etc.. etc...

But this is exctly how the field works... Once hooked, steering will be in effect.

Ofcourse I don't know the mechanics of how victims are hooked, or how steering works.

The theory (or idea) is that "information" determines how the bulk operates. I also suggested that it is flawed, hence Evil exists.
Whether this idea is strong or weak, cannot be further evaluated at this point.

Above, I also suggested that the field has a certain form of intelligence, and if needed, it is able to insert/adjust hidden parameters,
in whatever unknown form, in the brain/psyche, which will emerge at some point in time.

There are some similarities with the socalled morphic field, which itself is another hypothesis, operating mainly at cell level.

This Chapter did not went "deep" into the subject. However, I feel that at least some explanation has been provided,
if indeed true, about the existence of Pure Evil and how it acts. For now, I will end this chapter, and some refinements still will be made
at some later time.

Remains to be said that "good activities" (in the widest sense), will counteract the Evil Field.
I am sure of that. Although The Lord has been "frozen" due to Evil, and is unable to act, this will change whenever
sufficient "people/intelligence" follow the correct path. This will not be easy, in the selfish society we live in...........
However, slowly, after some dark aeons, the Good will prevail. Never ask how I know this..., it will happen.
And I agree: no matter how you turn it... The above is a weird piece of text...
However, the text has a certain degree of logic, compared to Religions, and provides some pointers as to how Evil works.

Chapter 2. Introduction Entanglement.

Chapter 3. Most interesting stars within 300ly.

Just started this note......