Some attempts to explain a few scientific subjects.

It's certainly not great or something, but I hope you like it...

My own notes:

=> "Fun stuff" or Reasonable notes:
  1. Short overview Interstellar Propulsion Techniques.
  2. Extremely simple note on "Dark Matter".
  3. Very short and simple note on "Quantum Teleportation".
  4. Very short and simple note on "Quantum Computing".
  5. A very simple note on Colliding Branes - The Ekpyrotic Universe.
  6. A few notes on Entanglement, Decoherence, and other aspects of Quantum Mechanics (QM).
  7. A few simple notes on some special results of "Weak Measurements" and paradoxes (QM).
  8. A very simple note on Superstrings and Branes.
  9. A very simple introduction in Wormholes.
  10. Extremely simple view on the "Large Scale Universe"
  11. Nice tour around Exo Planets.
  12. Giganotosaurus versus Tyrannosaurus Rex.
  13. Short overview and comparison of prehistoric Top Predators.
  14. Short overview of large Marine Predators from the past.

=> I don't throw it away, but the following is too old, or just not good enough:
  1. A very simple note on Topological Defects
  2. A few simple notes on the Higgs field and boson
  3. Simple note on the Vacuum, ZPE, and Qantum Foam
  4. A very simple note on Cosmic Inflation, and the recent discovery of "ripples" (b-mode polarization).

Last update: 9 November, 2014