Some simple Dev projects.

Date : 4 October, 2020
Version: 0.3
By: Albert van der Sel
Doc. Number: Note 1.
For who: for absolute beginners, like for example Albert.
Remark: Please refresh the page to see any updates.
Status: Busy.

Here I will list some very simple Dev projects, like some business "programs", in the
"do it yourself" way. It will be ridiculously simple, and I will cover some mainstream dev environments,
like pHp, Javascript, C#, C++, and some other stuff.
I think most of the projects will even not be complete. That's not so important. Even just looking at some screens,
and some code which actually does some processing, and showing some datamodels etc.., might be inspiring enough.

Project 1: An orderentry/sales/warehouse program in pHp/MySQL/Apache in WAMP - Ready.
Project 2: The utmost simple intro in Javascript in the Universe - Starting.