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The "hare"....

Recently, I saw a great event. I really like this sort of stuff.

In a dune like grassland, in the north of the Netherlands, I spotted a European Hare.
Although I don't see them so often anymore, it's not such a very rare event.

It was just relaxing (or something), and I think my distance to the animal was something
like 250m (or so). It was still very nice weather (about half september 2016).

After a short while, I saw two adult "German shepard-like" dogs, on the opposite site, maybe
400m from me, and maybe 150m from the Hare.
The dogs spotted the hare too, and started the chase. At a certain moment, they were running really fast.
Really like madman...

The hare was still acting pretty cool. Then, when the dogs were only 30m away, the hare absolutely "exploded"
into a run, and I still cannot believe how "cool" the hare was, just a moment before.
It was like viewing a Ferrari easily outpacing 2 old lorry trucks.
Just a few seconds later, and hare was at that point easily 500m from the dogs, the hare
escaped into some rougher bushland.

The dogs slowed down... stopped, and seemed to be very puzzled...., and cleary could not grasp what happened.

I found it absolutely marvelous.
Ofcouse I know a hare is fast. I have often seen them running. This animal however, was exceptionally fast.
I am very happy that it escaped !

Note: the photo is from "wikimedia commons" (free media), and it shows a "Ethiopian Highland Hare".
But I just liked that photo.

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