Welcome to Antapex.

A place to obtain "super simple", but free, information. It's also a bit of a "hobby" site, but I try to place decent stuff here.
You can find some new docs here, but I'am afraid some oldies too...(sorry). But it's all "entry level"....
Stuff I wrote myself, is completely free (that is: if you like it, use it entirely, or just copy/paste parts, or whatever you want).

Albert's Series: Basic stuff, but serious.

I. Short and simple Math notes:
(R: ready, D: in development)

II. Somewhat larger (but simple) notes from Physics: (R: ready, D: in development)

III. Short and simple IT notes:
(R: ready, D: in development)

Other documents:

SpaceTime and QM:


Other fun stuff:

Other IT:



EPR steering....

Some ideas on Quantum Entanglement and non-locality were re-discovered the last 15 years (or so),
mainly based on idea's of Schrodinger on "EPR steering", which were expressed in 1935...
Let's see what this is about:

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